Presents You Should Give Someone Who Likes Dirt Bikes

A person who likes dirt bikes is easy to impress. They love riding the wheels on large open dirt areas. Feeling the hot air turn into cold really fast and fly up hills while trying to not lose balance. Get them something that pertains to that. It shouldn’t be that hard if you put your mind into getting them something that involves dirt bike riding. I know a few things you can give them, if you can’t seem to think of one thing. Some of the things I know are cheap and some are very expensive. Certainly, pick the gift I suggest is within your price range. I am not responsible for reckless spending. Ok, here are the accessories a dirt bike racer would want to have.

New Clear Goggles

Clear goggles are a excellent gift to give someone who loves to ride bikes. A bikers knows that the dirt is always in n your eyes when your riding it. At night, it gets worse with dirt and darkness blending in your vision. Buy them clear goggles and they will thank you for giving them the chance to ride at night. Dirt bikes can be driven at night if you wear clear goggles. I tried wearing sunglasses at night once and I couldn’t see one thing. They need clear goggles to have a nice ride along the trails, hills, and dirt smoke. Vision increases to make it seem like you are not wearing glasses to see in dirt. Wiping the goggles is easy considering they are clear and can spot dirt spots really fast on the fog. Your kid might not like wearing plain clear goggles because its not cool, but it will give them the opportunity to drive their bike at night. Purchase the gift and give a dirt biker more options.

A High End Gopro Camera

go pro

Getting them a fancy high end Gopro camera is a great gift for a dirt bike racer. This is a camera and video recorder that produces high HD videos. You can go for long road runs and record your self. Camera does not easily attach to dirt bike or dirt bike helmet. But, I am sure you can find you some tape and make it happen. A little duct tape that puts the camera on the handy bars of bike or dirt bike helmet. It shouldn’t be that hard. Make sure you get strong grey duct tape. That type of duct tape tends to work will with metals and heavy duty things. On the other hand, there may be compartments you could buy to make it easier to attach things to your dirt bike helmet. Would cost you more money but if your spending large money on a HD camera, then get what else is needed. The camera shoots vertically and captures images in portrait formation. A timer is also added to the camera to give you a few quick moments to set up before starting.

Dirt Bike Coffee Mug

Dirt bike Coffee Mug


If you have a friend that is not interested in a camera or goggles, get them a dirt bike coffee mug. These types of mugs are what much older dirt bike fans want. These guys and gals ride the bikes in the desert. But, they got other things to do and it is mostly a hobby for them. They do not see themselves riding the bikes on open fields most days of week. Maybe even for the month if they feel their not in the mood. Happens with age and perfectly fine. Put a dirt bike coffee mug in their hands instead. Coffee is something they probably consume each day. The gift won’t let them down and remind them each morning that you care about them.

Beard Supplements That Can Make Beards Grow Fuller

Everybody you know is trying out for a new beard and trying to be cool. Singers, kids, movie stars, and your neighbor next door is wearing it. Beards were not always the popular choice by men in USA. But, there has been a lot of TV shows sporting beards and now they are the go to for many men and fashion. Beards are what everyone wants and why not. There are many trim styles and everyone wants to see their men side come out. If you find yourself wanting to grow a beard but having a hard time, I implore you to try some beard growing supplements. Best beard balm and products similar to help beard get in full mode. More on this subject below.

Take Ashwagandha to Increase Beard Growth

A herbal supplement called Ashwagandha is good medicine to make your beard grow more. The supplement is not known in United States. It is a India based product and used to heal people who are injured. Overtime, doctors have discovered that the little guy can increase beard growth if you take them regularly. By regularly I mean you have to take one once a day. Taking them once a week is not going to cut it. Put in the routine to see the results you really need. As you take them, your testosterone levels increase. You will start to act more manly and your beard will want to grow more. The sparse patches you have in your beard will become smaller as you take these. Time it takes to do this depends on your genetics. In summary, take one of these beard growing Ashwagandha supplement pills to grow more hair on face.

Maintain Beard With Beard Balm

Use beard balm to train your beard to stay in the right place and miniaturize evenly. Apply best beard balm to get the best results. Shampoo is not a good way to wash and hydrate your beard. The shampoo is made for hair on your head. That hair is not like the hair on your face. Chemicals designed to dry out hair quickly. That’s good for your hair on head, but not the hair on your face. Face hair needs soap that will trap the moisture in and hydrate face daily. Beard balm does just that. Gives you the right amount water for beard to be free of dandruff. Dry beards always get so many flakes and its so noticeable up close. You don’t want to be that guy. I use to be that guy. Use beard balm 3 times a week to help your beard get a good wash.

To add more depth, important that you wash beard with beard balm 3 times a week. Do not wash beard with any type of soap regularly. Use cold water or warm water to do that. Why? Beard balm helps beard balance it self, if it is taken at normal levels. Taking more washes above normal will render the protection useless and cause beard to attract bacteria. Bacteria that wants to make your face itchy.

Learn to Live With Your Beard

Learn how to live with your beard being incomplete because it is going to take time for it to grow. It doesn’t matter what you use on face. Your beard needs months, years, and maybe more. You got to be persistent and patient with it. Let it grow for weeks to let new hairs come in. Do not be so quick to shave off that beard. Man up and face all humiliation that comes your way. You need to understand that growing a beard means you got to put up with a lot of unfair treatment. Everyone you know will talk about you. Pick at the spots that do not grow. Try to convince you that your wasting your time. When you finally grow your beard, that is when you show them that you can do it. It will take time but time is not more important then finishing your beard growth. You’ll understand once you get the full beard.

Guidelines In Choosing Cycling Helmets

There might have been times when you heard people expressing disbelief over youngsters getting broken nose or injuring their heads for not wearing helmets while cycling. For many, having worn helmets have been their life saver. If you are on the road on your bike, it is a smart thing to bring the best helmet for mountain bike. If you are still wondering which could best fit your style, this post may be able to help you decide which helmet to pick.

There are so many other reasons why many riders prefer to wear helmets while on their bikes. For some wearing a helmet is a contentious issue. But if ever you would be overhearing medical practitioners treating bikers who might have just had an accident, you will always hear this question immediately, “were you wearing a helmet?”

Really, there are some practical reasons why you should be wearing one.

  • Wearing one adds to your visibility while on the road.
  • The law requires riders under 14 years of age to wear a helmet.
  • A helmet creates an additional layer of protection for the head and may just save you from more severe forms of traumatic injuries.
  • Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries by reducing the

impact of a force or collision to the head.

  • It shields your head from the heat of the sun thus, contributing to a less head heating.
  • It can even make you look a lot cooler on the road.

With or without laws, wearing a helmet has become the norm in most countries. If you go are a professional cyclist, you will also be required to wear one. If you are planning to have more frequent bike rides and are doing this to stay fit or, perhaps, save gas for transportation, or just mingle with friends on the road, it would benefit you more to read our recommendations when choosing cycling helmets. Note that even if all helmets serve the same purpose, not all of those available in the market today come with the same fit, weight, ventilation and, design, and, of course, price.

If you’re into racing, then you will need to find a helmet that meets relevant safety standards at the same time one that suits the field you’ll be using it for. Earlier helmet designs that were first launched in the late 70s were not readily accepted by many riders for many reasons, including its less appealing look, weight, and lack of ventilation that made wearing one feel so uncomfortable.

These hard shell helmets are now mainly used by BMX and dirt jump riders. Designs have varied, however, as the majority of riders prefer lightweight helmets with a vacuum formed plastic cover in-molded to a polystyrene shell. There are many variations of this helmet that fit all budget. Manufacturers offer options for different types of cycling. So, whether you are in just for casual riding, commuting, trialing, or road racing, there will be one that will fit your budget and style.

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet

Almost all modern helmets use an expanded polystyrene EPS shell for impact protection. Just like the Schwinn Thrasher Helmet. The Trasher will keep you cool as it keeps your head protected while you ride on the road.

This adult bike helmet comes with a dual fit strip on the back of the helmet that allows 360° adjustability for the perfect custom fit. On top of this, the Trasher helmet is made with 21 air ventilation holes that will keep you feeling cool while on your ride. And with its moisture-wicking pads, you’ll feel dry on your head. It also comes with an easy-to-adjust webbing that will ensure a comfortable fit, plus a built-in visor to provide increased shade while riding.

Giro Revel Cycling Helmet

This compact design with a breezy ventilation gives the Revel a confident look that complements just about any ride. It comes with an in-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner construction that matches the ease and comfort of the Roc Loc Sport fit system. Its snap-fit visor with strong anchors provides a better shield against the sun.

JBM Adult Bike Helmet

This specially designed cycling helmet is Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Certified. It comes with an easy-to-use dial system and side straps that allows the helmet size to be adjusted and fit different head sizes. It is made of durable PVC & PC, EPS foam which helps absorb impact and protect the head during a crash.

The JBM adult bike helmet is designed with an aerodynamic ventilation system that allows air to go through the helmet freely to keep you feeling breezy and cool while on your ride. This will also help increase your speed while on the road.

As with most things that are cycle-related, the more that you pay, the less that you get. That means as the cost of the product increases, you get lighter, better-ventilated helmets that offer a better level of protection for its user.

It’s worth mentioning that there are some manufacturers that offer an option for a crash replacement policy. That means you may have your helmet replaced by the seller or manufacturer if ever it gets damaged after a crash. You will just need to send a snap of the damaged helmet together with a proof of purchase and the manufacturer may either replace the product or provide a great discount for a replacement.

It is also worth considering helmets that are marked with a MIPS or the Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This system is described as a ‘slip-plane’ technology and is said to reduce rotational forces that may result from some unexpected impacts.

The yellow MIPS liner strategically placed inside the helmet rotates individually and help to effectively dissipate forces from a crash.


When deciding which helmet to go with, it’s a practical thing to find a perfect fit by testing all the features of all the available helmets. Check out the strap, ventilation system, padding, weight, and all other features that will make each wear comfortable.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Not everyone who goes to the gym is quite familiar with the routines they need to do, perhaps even totally unaware of safety procedures while working out or inside the gym like staying properly hydrated even before starting to work out up until you’re done with your exercises. But if you have the necessary accessories like one of the best water bottles for gym, you won’t have any problems regarding this matter. If you are aware of the common mistakes that many gym goers make, you can safely go through your routines and go out of the gym feeling better than the first time you stepped into it.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

There are so many pieces of equipment inside the gym. If it’s your first time to check it out, it will be easy for you to get confused even do the wrong moves that won’t really help you in any way. It may just ruin your exercise day or, worse, cause injuries that could have been avoided if you knew how do the routines properly, were properly oriented on how to use the equipment you needed or wanted to use, or was even able to have a good warm up even before you start making those wrong moves.

Remember that even minor mishaps can lead to a major setback, so you really need to take these things seriously. If you do, you will save precious time, get faster results, as well as get more from your workouts.

Don’t fall into the trap of these common mistakes:

  1. Stalling a routine because someone else is using the equipment that you need to use.

Gyms are expected to be full during peak hours. To have the best place ahead of anybody else, you should head to the gym early in the morning or after 7 p.m., when those who visit the gym before and after work are already done with their exercises.

When you plan to go to the gym, you also have to have alternative routines in mind that will require different equipment, so you won’t have to waste your time waiting for another to finish using the equipment you intend to use.

  1. Skipping a warmup.

You may think that you are saving time when you do this. Skipping the pre-workout warmup, however, is the easiest way to get injured during a tough workout. You need to start with a warmup as this prepares the whole body for your exercises by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation. It also loosens the joints, increases muscle elasticity, prepares your muscles for succeeding moves, and also prevents your body from having an injury. Make sure that you do some warmup exercises like stretching, lunges, squats, pushups, and jumping jacks to increase your heart rate before you proceed with the weights. No matter how short a time you have, always include a warmup in your workout.

  1. Coming to the gym with no specific routine in mind.

If you step into the gym without anything planned, you’ll be wasting much of your time. Like any other endeavor, you need to have a clear objective and strategy even before you step into the gym floor. Write down the exact exercises, sets, the number of repetitions, as well as the order you would like to to do them so that you can plan your route around the gym floor.

If you plan to do your routines with a friend, it is best that you take some time to discuss the routine before the set date. This ensures that the time that you can spend will be maximized and you can start right away.

  1. Doing cardio exercises before a lifting routine.

Although cardio routines are essential to a workout plan, it can cause some unnecessary problems when it’s done at the wrong time. If you are not sure what exercises to include for each set, you can always ask someone who has been there before. Or, you can start with some form-intensive lifting session first before hitting the cardio area.

  1. Going through the same routines.

How do you feel when you have to do the same thing over and over again? Precisely. You get bored easily and, after some time, you’ll just want to end whatever cycle you are going through do things differently. Going through the same routines every time will not create more progress for you. To make the thought of going to the gym more inviting, you will have to change your routines every few weeks. Alternate exercises, sets, reps, as well as your rest times.

  1. Wasting time between sets of exercise.

All you need is a stopwatch, smartwatch, or a phone app to time each set and every set you need to give yourself before proceeding to the next routine. If you do this, you’ll get more out of the time that you can spend in the gym.

  1. Leaving out abdominal workout till the end of your routine.

By the time you are about to finish your workout, you are already tired and the last thing that you would rather do is to do core training. Do multiple sets of planks and leg raises early in your routine by incorporating them in between exercises.

  1. Leaving your water bottle behind.

Even the pros understand the importance of proper hydration while doing intensive workouts. There may be a water fountain in the gym, but it will take much of your time if you will need to stop your exercises just to have a drink. If you decide to quench your thirst only after you finish your workout, you will risk yourself of becoming dehydrated. Soon enough you will feel too tired to finish your routine and may even feel other unpleasant symptoms of dehydration.

To maintain your performance level while working out, make sure that you have one of the best water bottles for gym. You may also need to consider the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation regarding exercise and fluid replacement.

  1. Putting together different exercises that require you to take several pieces of equipment from different parts of the gym. Imagine just how much time you can cut down if you manage to do all your exercises within one area of the gym and not having to hop on to one side then to the other side of the gym. Maximize your time with a well-planned exercise routine.


If you remember to do the right thing every time you step on the gym floor, for sure you will get the most benefit for every second spent there. But everybody has to start somewhere. If it will be your first time, don’t be too conscious of yourself. Most of the people you’ll see there will be more concerned about themselves than having to spend time observing how you are doing in every move that you will do.

Essential Hydration and Nutrition Tips For Long Bike Rides

No one cannot limit the benefits of water to the human body. If there is an insufficient amount of water in your system, it won’t be long enough before you will get tired and will have difficulty concentrating in whatever you do. You will need to top up whatever amount of fluid that you lose in your system, especially if you are participating in long bike rides, as you will be perspiring more. It will be easier done if you have one of the best water bottles for cycling with you.

The longer you ride and the more intense the activity that you engage in, the more important a role that hydration as well as nutritional supplementation play in your performance level and even in your recovery. When it comes to maintaining sufficient hydration and optimum energy levels, the simplest and most basic requirement is almost always the best.

Don’t wait until dehydration begins

When you regularly engage in an intense workout like cycling, you lose much of your body weight through water loss, primarily through perspiration. When the lost fluid exceeds your fluid intake, dehydration sets in.

Long Bike Rides

Dehydration of about 1 to 2 percent of your body weight will compromise physiologic functions. As a result, your performance level will dip. When about 3 percent of body weight is dehydrated, it creates a further disturbance to physiologic functions and increases the risk of developing heat cramps or heat exhaustion. About 5 percent or more loss of body weight can cause a heat stroke. This can happen in just an hour of exercising or training. It could happen even earlier during the activity if you are already dehydrated before exercising or participating in any sports activity.

If you depend on your feeling of thirst, you may already be dehydrated then. By the time that you feel thirsty, you have already lost about two percent of fluid volume in your body. Even if you chug a bottle of water, you can’t easily replenish the lost fluids as it takes a while for the water and foods sent to your stomach to be transported to where they are needed. That means your dehydration level has already increased even before the replacement fluid is driven to the blood that will move the needed oxygen to the brain and the lungs.

It is so easy and simple that we tend to forget

Long Bike Ridesa

Water is basic to survival. It plays an even more crucial role as the activity level is heightened. If you fail to address this basic need, your performance level will suffer. This can be addressed with a few basic yet sound practices, however.

Even professional athletes are guilty of neglecting this basic element of optimum performance, accelerate muscle growth, as well as increase recovery time.

Hydration is one of the easiest things to do, but it’s also as easy to neglect. That should not be the case. If you really want to improve your performance levels and benefit more from your training, you should be drinking regularly. Just reaffirm your commitment to do just that and start consuming fluids (water, tea or diluted fruit juices) at regular intervals.

Make sure that you are properly hydrated before you eat and before you head out on or off your bike.

A pre-meal-glass-of-water rule is one of the best things that you can do. Consume a large glass of water before you eat anything. This keeps you hydrated and helps you take thirst as thirst and hunger as it is.

Hydration is a continuous thing. It’s like you need the air to breathe. You also need to drink at regular intervals (about 10-15 mins) even while you are on your bike. Just make sure that you won’t overdo it or you’ll end up having the urge to go to the bathroom (if there is), or may just risk yourself of having a condition called hyponatremia. This is a dangerous condition that happens when the sodium level in the blood gets too low because of the excessive fluids in the body. Just as insufficient hydration is not good for your body, performance, and health, so is overhydration.

If you found yourself near a water source while on track, drink up even if you are not yet thirsty. You can also have your water bottle refilled there. Bring sodium tablets and mix them with the water that you will drink. This will ensure that you’d replace not only the water lost but also the electrolytes that get depleted as you use energy to continue your training. Always play it safe. Be ready even before you need to have a drink. Don’t think that there will be water on the other side of the bend, for there might not be.

Nutrition Before, During, and After Bike Rides

Caloric intake and hydration complement each other. Food also fuels your body so you can perform at your best. Whether you just want to burn fat or ride fast, you will need to load yourself up before, during, and most especially after a bike ride. You need to keep your muscles energized and water won’t be enough. Especially, if you intend to participate in a highly intensive activity that will test both your strength and endurance.

That being said, you should never skip breakfast or you might just end up overeating afterward, which will just defeat your purpose. Eat food with fiber. Just about 200 to 300 calories will be enough to replace the glucose that you might have lost while you sleep. This will also be enough to sustain you for a time while you are on the track.

Consume food that is easily digested and gets absorbed and delivered to your muscles quicker as this can help sustain a high-performance level and will also provide post-training glycogen replacement without bloating.

You may also consider taking supplements as this will help get glucose into the blood and muscles quicker.


Hydration and nutrition go hand in hand when you are engaging in activities like biking. Remember that too much water consumed too quickly can flush out valuable electrolytes. It can also impede your performance as it may cause nausea and cramping. Dehydration, on the other hand, can limit carbohydrate absorption and therefore energy replacement, even mild dehydration. And once you get dehydrated, it will take days to re-hydrate. Be smart and drink up. Hydrate at regular intervals and be at your best at all times. One of the best water bottles for cycling will keep you hydrated with ease, so keep one or two at all times, when you are out cycling.

Top Hydration Tips For Cyclists

You know how it feels like when you are looking for something that you really don’t have any reference for comparison, right? The challenge becomes tougher when you try to find that product in a market where you have never been yet. The same feeling reverberates when you are doing an activity, like biking, for the first time. You don’t know until how long you will endure. For how many bends will you be ever to keep up. How long will it take before you’d need the urge to hydrate so you will be at your best while on the bike? Having the best water bottles for cycling is not the ultimate thing  that will determine if your body will be able to keep up, but an understanding of the essential tips probably will.

Top Hydration Tips For Cyclists

Top Hydration Tips For Cyclists

Here are the top hydration tips that will help you navigate the road so that you can effectively stay fit while on the fly.

Water is a crucial element that will fuel your ride

Water is a crucial element that will fuel your ride

Ordinary drinking water may not be able to boost your performance like other hydration alternatives. However, it is the life-giving fluid for most of your body parts. I’m sure that you are quite aware that 60% of your body is made up of water. As such, it is quite imperative that you top up your tank so that you can optimally perform. That is especially true when you are on stage races or participating in hard training blocks.

Cycling can be totally exhilarating. Evaporative losses are quite significant while you are on the go. Still, it can go unnoticed as riders, are all bent to reach the finish line or the destination. Note, however, that on a super hot day, you can lose up to about two liters or more of body fluids per hour while exercising. If  you don’t pause to replace the lost fluids, your output will drop significantly. To maximize your performance, it is important to replace lost fluids even before you ride on the bike and should continue while you are on the fly.

Hydrate frequently to lower your body temperature

A strenuous exercise like biking can cause your body to lose about 0.2 to 1.2 liters of sweat every hour. If you lose just about 2% of your body weight, you can feel too exhausted. A headache will also be a usual problem as well as a dip in your total physical and mental performance.

Losing much body fluid without properly replacing it, will eventually result to dehydration. When it happens, your plasma volume will decrease causing your blood to be more viscous or thick. This will drive the heart to worker harder and increase your heart rate. This also results in an increase in the body temperature. Thus, continuing the process. If you don’t get to replenish the lost fluids, dehydration can your internal thermostat and decrease the blood flow to the skin and increase the absorption time of any fluid taken.

By the time you feel that you are thirsty, your body has already lost about 2% of its weight. And by the time that the water that you drank leave your stomach, you are, again, thirsty for more. Thus, it really is a smart thing to being one the best water bottles for cycling so you can sip every 10-12 minutes even while on the road. Drink enough to match the intensity of your activity, the current temperature, as well as your body’s overall need.

Set your schedule

Set your schedule

Riding for just a few minutes but on different grounds will trigger different body system response. You’ll feel easily exhausted (thus, feeling the urge to drink more) as your muscles are working harder, you are sweating faster, and your heart is beating faster. At this point, your thirst level may be affected by yet another factor– your psychological condition. Your emotions are intensified, especially if you are racing to reach the finish line. Your tendency is to feel a heightened need to drink more water. As such, you may want to drink more than what your body actually requires.

There’s a danger to that. You may find yourself guzzling more when you actually need is just a few sips from your water bottle. Many athletes do not realize this, but there had been several cases overhydration in the past that had caused a number to suffer from a life-threatening condition called hyponatremia. Drinking too much may dilute the sodium content in the body. This condition can cause mild problems like a headache, dizziness, and fatigue. However, it can also trigger more serious concerns like spasms, seizures, and even death.

Before you go cycling, it is best that you plan your hydration timing as well. It is important that you prehydrate as well so you will be at the peak of your energy level even before you start to bike. It is also smart to drink at regular intervals to ensure that any lost fluids are replaced immediately. Once you are done cycling, you” still need to drink more to stay ahead in quenching your thirst.

A sports drink can be a good fluid replacement

When you bike, you lose more than just water. You also need to replenish essential nutrients. Many sports drink contain electrolytes, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that can keep you on the go even when you don’t have water around. Just make sure you’ll have something you’ll enjoy drinking at any time.

Cycling as a sport or as a hobby is not just physically draining. It can also be mentally challenging. To keep in top shape while on the road, you need to be properly hydrated. Bring one of the best water bottles for cycling so you can bring it anywhere you turn and you can keep it longer if it’s properly maintained.


Tips For Cleaning Cycling Water Bottles

Just as hydration is critical in any athletic sports, so is the container that holds the water. Filthy water bottles can be incubators of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is even more dangerous when the bottle is kept with leftover sports drink mix. The longer you keep them untouched, the greater the danger they pose to your health. It is essential that you keep them fresh and clean more often than you think you should so you can enjoy your water bottle for more years of use.

Tips For Cleaning Cycling Water Bottles

Here are some helpful tips you need to consider to keep the grime and the germs off your water holder and the liquids that you drink while on the go.

  1. Wash them after every use. Just as you would want your drinking cup or glass thoroughly cleaned before and after using them, you would never want to drink from a water bottle that you have missed to clean. You can’t be sure what you leave on its lid every time you open the bottle as you ride and drink. If you don’t have soap and water at the moment, even just rinsing the bottle will do.
  2. Wash the bottle with your hands. The easiest way to clean your water bottle is to use your hands to rinse or wash it with soap and water.
  3. Use a bottle brush. It is easier to clean hard to reach parts of the bottle with a long-handled bottle brush. This can remove the sticky residue better and easier than just rinsing the water.
  4. Clean the water bottle cap. You may have cleaned the water bottle for cycling thoroughly, but did you remember the bottle cap? Note that as your bicycle moves, the fluid inside your water bottle also touches the cap. The same thing happens when you drink from the bottle. Make sure to clean the bottle cap as well. You can squeeze into the bottle cap some soap and water or use a brush to remove the sticking grimes and other residue clinging to it.
  5. Avoid the dishwasher. The dishwasher, although an easier option may melt the plastic material that the bottle is made of or affect the material composition of the water container. Some of the chemical compounds in the bottle may leach when they are subjected to heat.
  6. Avoid harsh cleansers. Bleach, in particular, may not be easy to remove even if you think you have washed the water bottle thoroughly. If you have to use any harsh chemical to clean your water bottle, it may be time to throw it away. Note that these chemicals may contaminate any liquid that you will fill the bottle the next time you use it.
  7. Allow the bottle to dry completely. You can leave it open or upside down in a drainer until it is totally dry. This will make sure that no cleaning compound or water that you used while cleaning the bottle will remain in the bottle that would eventually mix with the drinks that you will fill it with.
  8. Use baking soda and vinegar. If you think that washing the bottle with soap and water is not enough or that the smell of its previous content still lingers, use some baking soda (a tablespoon or two will do) and half a cup of vinegar. Leave the mixture in the bottle for about 60 seconds before cleaning the insides of the bottle and the cap with a brush.

If your water bottle sits long enough with liquid in it, it may grow different types of unhealthy organisms. Make sure you keep it away from heat and do not drink the content of any water bottle that has been exposed to heat or kept in a closed container where there is very high temperature. Consider the tips that we have provided above to make sure that you are always drinking fresh and clean water or liquid from your water bottle.

Be safe on the road and while on the go. Bring clean water to hydrate while cycling. You can be more and do more when you keep these things in mind.


Yesterdays stage was Game On from the Get Go – Stock Standard TDF Mayhem. The last climb was fierce and again VDB was there in the thick of it. My intuition tells me this race is about to explode after todays stage. Someone is going to hit the switch and turn it up a mega notch!!

On other interesting facts from the tour the Hotel we stayed in last night was straight from 60′s porno! We had carpets walls!!! Dam if only they could talk. A different hotel every nearly every night you certainly get in to a routine. Rooming with Charlie has been great we get along really well and sometimes we don’t even need to say anything to each other to know what the other person is thinking …. This oftens happens in the peleton too – Its a great tool to have too :-)

Put the Dogs away there’s going to be fireworks!

Yesterdays stage was all about keeping it tight with the other GC riders until the last climb. We worked well and VDB was right where he needed to be when the action started. VDB stuck fat on the last climb – impressive!

Todays stage with the final climb up the Port de Bales is sure to really start the fireworks! A Hors Category climb that peaks at 1755 meters before dropping down 1600 meters over the last 11.5 km. Thats gonna be some fast descending and there will be riders willing to take risks! One to stay up for if your back home in Aus! Enjoy.. ML

Pancakes – Dam fine Pancakes!

Pancakes – Dam fine Pancakes!

Thats what I had for breakfast this morning! A big ol plate of pancakes – Delisious really!! Jack and Luke are two of my biggest new fans … they are from Beaumaris Primary School in Victoria. So boys although I am eating Pancakes for breakfast I am not condoning you to get your mum to drive you down to Macca’s tomorrow morning before school unless of course you are going to ride 199.5 kilometers over 4 of the toughest mountains in France – then its perfectly ok! 

Speaking of Pancakes todays stage is the far from Pancakes … There will be some heavy smack down of the start today and I’d like to throw a through shapes into the mix. Again my family is in the area, there a big bad Mountains on the course route and the weather is quality so its generally  a great time  for activities in France at the moment.