July 25, 2010

Red Wine is Rich in Antioxidants


I think my antioxidants levels might be high after I get to Paris and enjoy a glass or two of wine and to say I am hankering for a beer is an understatement. I am also at a deep point emotionally ….. I am suffering a deep and highly involved craving ….. its a craving that is going to be dealt with and dealt with, with Authority. I don’t care what they put on their Fries in Paris I am going to be devouring some McDonlds in the very near future.

MMmmmmmm ML

July 24, 2010

Tick Tock against the clock


Hi There,

Well not my cup of tea but another day closer to Paris is always good. I am feeling a beer or two coming on after this race and I am starting to crave it bad! Its been a tuff race but as a team we have preformed well and I think quite a few are surprised.

VDB is in a great position and we are all hoping he can piece together a good TT


July 20, 2010

Pancakes – Dam fine Pancakes!


Thats what I had for breakfast this morning! A big ol plate of pancakes – Delisious really!! Jack and Luke are two of my biggest new fans … they are from Beaumaris Primary School in Victoria. So boys although I am eating Pancakes for breakfast I am not condoning you to get your mum to drive you down to Macca’s tomorrow morning before school unless of course you are going to ride 199.5 kilometers over 4 of the toughest mountains in France – then its perfectly ok! 

Speaking of Pancakes todays stage is the far from Pancakes … There will be some heavy smack down of the start today and I’d like to throw a through shapes into the mix. Again my family is in the area, there a big bad Mountains on the course route and the weather is quality so its generally  a great time  for activities in France at the moment.


July 19, 2010

Put the Dogs away there’s going to be fireworks!


Yesterdays stage was all about keeping it tight with the other GC riders until the last climb. We worked well and VDB was right where he needed to be when the action started. VDB stuck fat on the last climb – impressive!

Todays stage with the final climb up the Port de Bales is sure to really start the fireworks! A Hors Category climb that peaks at 1755 meters before dropping down 1600 meters over the last 11.5 km. Thats gonna be some fast descending and there will be riders willing to take risks! One to stay up for if your back home in Aus! Enjoy.. ML