March 2, 2011

2011 bumpy start

As if I haven’t acknowledged the extensive time portions between website updates!! If I had anything massively huge to write about- I would have.. In direct opposition, my time spent after the 2010 season was so different from the world of bike riding, the website would seldom provide any avenues to deliver what the reader would consider AMAZING.. Why: becuase I’de broken a whole bunch of shit and spent more core time anhancing the activities I would sample only given the scarse opportunity (eg: family, friends and the people in the comunnity). This time without bikes I took as a purely transitional stand-point, and made it 100% clear the repercussions would be of the highest quality potentially obtainable..


It was late December, and while mianderring down the sweet streets adjoining st.kilda and Balaklava I’de obviously miss-placed myself and woke up in melbournes Alfred Hospital, with a shattered humerous bone structure and two compressed virtibrea (just to shed light on the subject, if anyone was unbeknowest ‘i was buckled’).. After nearly 3 hours of surgery, I was set free on christmas eve, giving ample time to sample some sweet red wines, sending my condition into 50% coma, and relishing my freedom with the people I spend least time with, but wish to spend the most with, in my family and closest friends. To them, the view of my corpse being some way retarded was nothing to be taken presumptuously. It’s happened before..
But now we are here! I have just aquired a house near the mountains of Varese, in my most adored city of Italy. And if it comes down to a simple equation- Will I make it back for the Giro and the Tour?? If I was a subtle person I would say, “potentially”. But essesntially you’re not dealing with that type of creature, and i’ll be making some different changes and manipulations to the race and training program in order to MAX-OUT the possibilities in May to produce some quality center-punch.. I’m going deeper into the mountains as before given the characteristics of this years Giro, and I’ll be be developing some new surprises only to be seen once the phiasco commences..
Frear not- I’m back on the international web or whetever it’s called these days, so feel free to serve it up, and I’ll tell you just how it is from my end… And if you don’t like it- It is what it is!
Take care out there! Like I do…. matty l