Presents You Should Give Someone Who Likes Dirt Bikes

A person who likes dirt bikes is easy to impress. They love riding the wheels on large open dirt areas. Feeling the hot air turn into cold really fast and fly up hills while trying to not lose balance. Get them something that pertains to that. It shouldn’t be that hard if you put your mind into getting them something that involves dirt bike riding. I know a few things you can give them, if you can’t seem to think of one thing. Some of the things I know are cheap and some are very expensive. Certainly, pick the gift I suggest is within your price range. I am not responsible for reckless spending. Ok, here are the accessories a dirt bike racer would want to have.

New Clear Goggles

Clear goggles are a excellent gift to give someone who loves to ride bikes. A bikers knows that the dirt is always in n your eyes when your riding it. At night, it gets worse with dirt and darkness blending in your vision. Buy them clear goggles and they will thank you for giving them the chance to ride at night. Dirt bikes can be driven at night if you wear clear goggles. I tried wearing sunglasses at night once and I couldn’t see one thing. They need clear goggles to have a nice ride along the trails, hills, and dirt smoke. Vision increases to make it seem like you are not wearing glasses to see in dirt. Wiping the goggles is easy considering they are clear and can spot dirt spots really fast on the fog. Your kid might not like wearing plain clear goggles because its not cool, but it will give them the opportunity to drive their bike at night. Purchase the gift and give a dirt biker more options.

A High End Gopro Camera

go pro

Getting them a fancy high end Gopro camera is a great gift for a dirt bike racer. This is a camera and video recorder that produces high HD videos. You can go for long road runs and record your self. Camera does not easily attach to dirt bike or dirt bike helmet. But, I am sure you can find you some tape and make it happen. A little duct tape that puts the camera on the handy bars of bike or dirt bike helmet. It shouldn’t be that hard. Make sure you get strong grey duct tape. That type of duct tape tends to work will with metals and heavy duty things. On the other hand, there may be compartments you could buy to make it easier to attach things to your dirt bike helmet. Would cost you more money but if your spending large money on a HD camera, then get what else is needed. The camera shoots vertically and captures images in portrait formation. A timer is also added to the camera to give you a few quick moments to set up before starting.

Dirt Bike Coffee Mug

Dirt bike Coffee Mug


If you have a friend that is not interested in a camera or goggles, get them a dirt bike coffee mug. These types of mugs are what much older dirt bike fans want. These guys and gals ride the bikes in the desert. But, they got other things to do and it is mostly a hobby for them. They do not see themselves riding the bikes on open fields most days of week. Maybe even for the month if they feel their not in the mood. Happens with age and perfectly fine. Put a dirt bike coffee mug in their hands instead. Coffee is something they probably consume each day. The gift won’t let them down and remind them each morning that you care about them.

Beard Supplements That Can Make Beards Grow Fuller

Everybody you know is trying out for a new beard and trying to be cool. Singers, kids, movie stars, and your neighbor next door is wearing it. Beards were not always the popular choice by men in USA. But, there has been a lot of TV shows sporting beards and now they are the go to for many men and fashion. Beards are what everyone wants and why not. There are many trim styles and everyone wants to see their men side come out. If you find yourself wanting to grow a beard but having a hard time, I implore you to try some beard growing supplements. Best beard balm and products similar to help beard get in full mode. More on this subject below.

Take Ashwagandha to Increase Beard Growth

A herbal supplement called Ashwagandha is good medicine to make your beard grow more. The supplement is not known in United States. It is a India based product and used to heal people who are injured. Overtime, doctors have discovered that the little guy can increase beard growth if you take them regularly. By regularly I mean you have to take one once a day. Taking them once a week is not going to cut it. Put in the routine to see the results you really need. As you take them, your testosterone levels increase. You will start to act more manly and your beard will want to grow more. The sparse patches you have in your beard will become smaller as you take these. Time it takes to do this depends on your genetics. In summary, take one of these beard growing Ashwagandha supplement pills to grow more hair on face.

Maintain Beard With Beard Balm

Use beard balm to train your beard to stay in the right place and miniaturize evenly. Apply best beard balm to get the best results. Shampoo is not a good way to wash and hydrate your beard. The shampoo is made for hair on your head. That hair is not like the hair on your face. Chemicals designed to dry out hair quickly. That’s good for your hair on head, but not the hair on your face. Face hair needs soap that will trap the moisture in and hydrate face daily. Beard balm does just that. Gives you the right amount water for beard to be free of dandruff. Dry beards always get so many flakes and its so noticeable up close. You don’t want to be that guy. I use to be that guy. Use beard balm 3 times a week to help your beard get a good wash.

To add more depth, important that you wash beard with beard balm 3 times a week. Do not wash beard with any type of soap regularly. Use cold water or warm water to do that. Why? Beard balm helps beard balance it self, if it is taken at normal levels. Taking more washes above normal will render the protection useless and cause beard to attract bacteria. Bacteria that wants to make your face itchy.

Learn to Live With Your Beard

Learn how to live with your beard being incomplete because it is going to take time for it to grow. It doesn’t matter what you use on face. Your beard needs months, years, and maybe more. You got to be persistent and patient with it. Let it grow for weeks to let new hairs come in. Do not be so quick to shave off that beard. Man up and face all humiliation that comes your way. You need to understand that growing a beard means you got to put up with a lot of unfair treatment. Everyone you know will talk about you. Pick at the spots that do not grow. Try to convince you that your wasting your time. When you finally grow your beard, that is when you show them that you can do it. It will take time but time is not more important then finishing your beard growth. You’ll understand once you get the full beard.