Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Not everyone who goes to the gym is quite familiar with the routines they need to do, perhaps even totally unaware of safety procedures while working out or inside the gym like staying properly hydrated even before starting to work out up until you’re done with your exercises. But if you have the necessary accessories like one of the best water bottles for gym, you won’t have any problems regarding this matter. If you are aware of the common mistakes that many gym goers make, you can safely go through your routines and go out of the gym feeling better than the first time you stepped into it.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

There are so many pieces of equipment inside the gym. If it’s your first time to check it out, it will be easy for you to get confused even do the wrong moves that won’t really help you in any way. It may just ruin your exercise day or, worse, cause injuries that could have been avoided if you knew how do the routines properly, were properly oriented on how to use the equipment you needed or wanted to use, or was even able to have a good warm up even before you start making those wrong moves.

Remember that even minor mishaps can lead to a major setback, so you really need to take these things seriously. If you do, you will save precious time, get faster results, as well as get more from your workouts.

Don’t fall into the trap of these common mistakes:

  1. Stalling a routine because someone else is using the equipment that you need to use.

Gyms are expected to be full during peak hours. To have the best place ahead of anybody else, you should head to the gym early in the morning or after 7 p.m., when those who visit the gym before and after work are already done with their exercises.

When you plan to go to the gym, you also have to have alternative routines in mind that will require different equipment, so you won’t have to waste your time waiting for another to finish using the equipment you intend to use.

  1. Skipping a warmup.

You may think that you are saving time when you do this. Skipping the pre-workout warmup, however, is the easiest way to get injured during a tough workout. You need to start with a warmup as this prepares the whole body for your exercises by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation. It also loosens the joints, increases muscle elasticity, prepares your muscles for succeeding moves, and also prevents your body from having an injury. Make sure that you do some warmup exercises like stretching, lunges, squats, pushups, and jumping jacks to increase your heart rate before you proceed with the weights. No matter how short a time you have, always include a warmup in your workout.

  1. Coming to the gym with no specific routine in mind.

If you step into the gym without anything planned, you’ll be wasting much of your time. Like any other endeavor, you need to have a clear objective and strategy even before you step into the gym floor. Write down the exact exercises, sets, the number of repetitions, as well as the order you would like to to do them so that you can plan your route around the gym floor.

If you plan to do your routines with a friend, it is best that you take some time to discuss the routine before the set date. This ensures that the time that you can spend will be maximized and you can start right away.

  1. Doing cardio exercises before a lifting routine.

Although cardio routines are essential to a workout plan, it can cause some unnecessary problems when it’s done at the wrong time. If you are not sure what exercises to include for each set, you can always ask someone who has been there before. Or, you can start with some form-intensive lifting session first before hitting the cardio area.

  1. Going through the same routines.

How do you feel when you have to do the same thing over and over again? Precisely. You get bored easily and, after some time, you’ll just want to end whatever cycle you are going through do things differently. Going through the same routines every time will not create more progress for you. To make the thought of going to the gym more inviting, you will have to change your routines every few weeks. Alternate exercises, sets, reps, as well as your rest times.

  1. Wasting time between sets of exercise.

All you need is a stopwatch, smartwatch, or a phone app to time each set and every set you need to give yourself before proceeding to the next routine. If you do this, you’ll get more out of the time that you can spend in the gym.

  1. Leaving out abdominal workout till the end of your routine.

By the time you are about to finish your workout, you are already tired and the last thing that you would rather do is to do core training. Do multiple sets of planks and leg raises early in your routine by incorporating them in between exercises.

  1. Leaving your water bottle behind.

Even the pros understand the importance of proper hydration while doing intensive workouts. There may be a water fountain in the gym, but it will take much of your time if you will need to stop your exercises just to have a drink. If you decide to quench your thirst only after you finish your workout, you will risk yourself of becoming dehydrated. Soon enough you will feel too tired to finish your routine and may even feel other unpleasant symptoms of dehydration.

To maintain your performance level while working out, make sure that you have one of the best water bottles for gym. You may also need to consider the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendation regarding exercise and fluid replacement.

  1. Putting together different exercises that require you to take several pieces of equipment from different parts of the gym. Imagine just how much time you can cut down if you manage to do all your exercises within one area of the gym and not having to hop on to one side then to the other side of the gym. Maximize your time with a well-planned exercise routine.


If you remember to do the right thing every time you step on the gym floor, for sure you will get the most benefit for every second spent there. But everybody has to start somewhere. If it will be your first time, don’t be too conscious of yourself. Most of the people you’ll see there will be more concerned about themselves than having to spend time observing how you are doing in every move that you will do.

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