Ride into the Storm

Ride into the Storm

Well the weather has finally had a malfunction and turned super ordinary!

With the weather will come more mayhem and rukkas for the last Mountian stage ….. My Theory the best approach is to ride directly into the face of the storm and investigate what happens then!!

Stay tuned todays going to have more action than Die Hard  and all its sequels!


Red Wine is Rich in Antioxidants

Red Wine is Rich in Antioxidants

I think my antioxidants levels might be high after I get to Paris and enjoy a glass or two of wine and to say I am hankering for a beer is an understatement. I am also at a deep point emotionally ….. I am suffering a deep and highly involved craving ….. its a craving that is going to be dealt with and dealt with, with Authority. I don’t care what they put on their Fries in Paris I am going to be devouring some McDonlds in the very near future.

MMmmmmmm ML

Wrap up of TDF and everything Since

Wrap up of TDF and everything Since

It seems so long ago now, sitting in my room on the second last day of the TDF. On thi particular evening I was in a  trance filling out my new job aplication for McDonals simultaniously watching an Animal Planet program about black leopards in Malaysia. when the general feelings suggest that its time for the race to finish, i couldnt help but take mental note. While regular team process, and thankfully stress free environment blessed the OmegaPharma-lotto crew with an ensemble of depth and quality, the long tour days have a tendency to drag into a mega blur, leaving all colour and excitement somehow dwindling as the end draws near.

I was blessed to have my Mother and brother returninig to Italy aftrwards. This experience with ’Buddha’ delivered a prime opportunity to take a brief hiatus from the cycling progam whch had been quite loaded, if we can call it such! What insued shortly afterwards can olny be described as a quality replenishment of resources. Giving the prior working months had generally left me feeling somewhat subsiduary to normal.

Sadly I must digress from revealing the full extent of our involvement here, yet it was marvellous to be with my family and freinds in this part of the world I love. however, a simple example is only to describe a short game of (attempted) golf, played shorlt before my kinsmens departure. Although we had taken 100% precaution through a long warm up session at the driving range previously, the game of nine holes (cut short due to bad light) eventuated in all balls illuding us by the 7th green. Golf is not the easiest sport in perfect light, but the darkness provided additional challenges to the topography, obviously. As the darkness krept in and rain fell violently it was time for the ball-less crew to call it a night. The surrounding hinterland was being peppered by lightning, so in reality just wanted to get away from metalic objects.. Sadly, we were so late to get back to the club-shouse the place was locked, along with the gates to exit the venue. Like a scene from a badly produced war film, we drove through previously un-touched forest (front wheen drive Audi) to eventually come across a road tha seemed functional.. The brilliant lights of Varese were then in front of us, leading our commando unit directly to McDonals. Ronald cannot stop smiling, but I wasnt on his wavelength by that stage..

Im off to GP Ouest France this Sunday to kick in the new portion of the year.. Followed by two interesting races on the 10th & 12th(Sep) in Quebec and Montreal Canada.. All of which lead directly into an exciting set of races in italy during October, where I plan on finishing the season with great expectations..

Hope everyone is very well out there!       Matty Lloyd

2011 bumpy start

As if I haven’t acknowledged the extensive time portions between website updates!! If I had anything massively huge to write about- I would have.. In direct opposition, my time spent after the 2010 season was so different from the world of bike riding, the website would seldom provide any avenues to deliver what the reader would consider AMAZING.. Why: becuase I’de broken a whole bunch of shit and spent more core time anhancing the activities I would sample only given the scarse opportunity (eg: family, friends and the people in the comunnity). This time without bikes I took as a purely transitional stand-point, and made it 100% clear the repercussions would be of the highest quality potentially obtainable..


It was late December, and while mianderring down the sweet streets adjoining st.kilda and Balaklava I’de obviously miss-placed myself and woke up in melbournes Alfred Hospital, with a shattered humerous bone structure and two compressed virtibrea (just to shed light on the subject, if anyone was unbeknowest ‘i was buckled’).. After nearly 3 hours of surgery, I was set free on christmas eve, giving ample time to sample some sweet red wines, sending my condition into 50% coma, and relishing my freedom with the people I spend least time with, but wish to spend the most with, in my family and closest friends. To them, the view of my corpse being some way retarded was nothing to be taken presumptuously. It’s happened before..
But now we are here! I have just aquired a house near the mountains of Varese, in my most adored city of Italy. And if it comes down to a simple equation- Will I make it back for the Giro and the Tour?? If I was a subtle person I would say, “potentially”. But essesntially you’re not dealing with that type of creature, and i’ll be making some different changes and manipulations to the race and training program in order to MAX-OUT the possibilities in May to produce some quality center-punch.. I’m going deeper into the mountains as before given the characteristics of this years Giro, and I’ll be be developing some new surprises only to be seen once the phiasco commences..
Frear not- I’m back on the international web or whetever it’s called these days, so feel free to serve it up, and I’ll tell you just how it is from my end… And if you don’t like it- It is what it is!
Take care out there! Like I do…. Matthew-Lloyd

Open the Gate!

As some people have come to notice (including myself), the tour of Catalunya in spain was in a word: participation-less.. I’m not going to try and smash everyone’s eye-balls in with different physical and mental reasons trying to justify why I did’nt race, but it wasn’t happening. Obviously!! So what’s the next step you’re asking?… Let’s look further north to an area a little south-west of the Pyrénées mountains named the País Vasco, or Basque Country from an english-speaking perspective. I’ll be starting there in the ridgid chopped up and forested tapography of San Sebastian’s hinterland. The ups-and downs will no doubt kick in some solid stimulation to my little muscles that haven’t yet seen the worlds cycling scene this year, let alone since late October 2010. An interesting proposition no doubt…….

Of late, subconscious elements have crept in slowly and steadily leading to a bogus phase of being so eager to be involved mixed with the slow process of recovery we cannot be 100% sure the first race will be of the highest quality, but thankfully the people surrounding me have blessed me with the confidence to once again feel the heat around the corner. Not to mention a brilliant team who’ve given me the opportunity to once again step it up a notch in order to remain directly driven towards the event I anticipate the most- The Giro D’Italia.. If Iv’e been bleeding in places you cant see, and feeling the affects of doors being locked, I’ve called the people who change the locks, and the gate is open… All I have to do is ‘opan the gate’..

Many people say ‘dont let yourself get attachet to annything you are youre not willing to feel the ramifications around the corner’.. But this corner (as twisted as it may have been) is behind me, and I refuse to look behind as my character fails to let me do so, particularly disliking the place I was sitting in. So I’ll face the concequences I’ve attached myself with. through the assistance of particular and fattest crew of understanding people of these life-style changes. As we amble out of the nutural zone in the race to come, these elements will unquestionably bring about an inner center-punch I have never felf before… And before long, I’ll be in the module that has brought me so much love and enjoyment! Peace Matty L